Reality : the musical (Noel Bannister/Stephen Bridges)

Reality : the musical


Reality: the musical

When you start out all alone the world can be a scary place. Who do you trust, how do you make your way? Hard work? A life of crime? A search for fame and fortune?

When you play the ‘Reality’ game the choice can be yours but be careful what you wish for because choosing the life you want may get you more than you imagined !


Set between ‘The Reality studio’ and a London Train station, the show casts us in the role of the studio audience as Bob and Rob, our two game show hosts, search for an ideal contestant for tonight’s show. Every week they go to a new location to find someone prepared to give up everything for the chance of a new life and a fresh beginning. Tonight they are on a busy station and as well as their contestant, they are looking for a few prize lives to tempt their lucky winner.


Would you take the risk?

Find out what happens in this musical comedy that will leave you thinking about your future.


‘Reality : the musical’ – the Copenhagen production (January 2013)

Reality Danish cast

Reality : the musical –  Danish cast


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“… a wonderful success … played to very appreciative audiences … because it is new, relevant and very accessible, the students got so much out of it “.

“The script comes together so well and there is a bit of a moral that got quite a few members of the cast thinking … a great contemporary musical.”

Pip Manson , Head of Performing Arts, Launceston Church Grammar School, Tasmania, Australia   –   April 2010


Launceston Church Grammar school

Launceston Church Grammar school, Tasmania


‘Working solid for the weekend’

 ‘Welcome to Reality’  – with Chris Milford

‘What can I do ?’  : with Rachael Archer as ‘Billie’

‘Skyline’   : with Rachael Archer as ‘Billie’

‘Easy money’  

‘A girl like you’ :  duet with Rob Piatt as the father and Melodie Hornett as ‘Billie’


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