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Anthem choir

 Maria Porter, Jennifer Maslin, Peter Westley, Graham Soar, Stephen Lazell and Paul Jeffrey


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Video 1 :    Do not stand at my grave and weep (SATB)

(also available as SSA)

SATB Score  example : Do not stand March 23 2011 website



Video 2 :     Easter anthem :   If we doubt your love

SATB Score example :  If we doubt your love 12 Jan2010


Video 3  :    Easter anthem : The way of the Cross

SATB Score example  : The way of the Cross 27 May 11



Video 4 :      Easter anthem : Easter Day

SATB Score example :  Easter Day 2



Video 5  :     In Flanders Fields

SATB Score example  : In Flanders Fields July 12 (orchestrated version available)



Video 6  :     Benediction – May the strength of the wind and the light of the sun…..

SATB Score example :  benediction-october-2016-website



Video 7 :     Looking for Christmas

SATB Score example : Looking for Christmas 28 Sept 09



 Video 8 :  Light the candles

SATB Score example :   Light the candles



Video 9 :      Cornish carol

SATB Score example  : CornishCarol Feb 12



Video 10   Born to Bethlehem

SATB Score example : Born to Bethlehem



Video 11 :   Come Midwinter

SATB Score example : Come Midwinter Oct 2011



Video 12 :   The Great Invocation….From the point of light within the mind of God

SATB Score example :  From the point of light pdf



Video 13To a poet a thousand years hence

SATB Score example : To a poet a thousand years hence No2 Web



Video 14 :    Away in a manger (traditional)

SATB Score  :  Away in a manger 2012



Video 15 :    Silent night (traditional)

SATB example : Silent Night 2012



Video 16 :   God be in my head

SATB Score example : GOD BE IN MY HEAD 02Sept 09 Cprt Ddn



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